How Much Are the Sungate Villas in Fountain Lakes Selling For?

Hi neighbors! As time marches into yet another new year, I wanted to take a minute to post the 2021 sales in the Sungate enclave of Fountain Lakes. Keep in mind there is only 1 sale in the 2nd half of the year & prices are up sharply since then so I believe we will see a sale of over $300,000 before long. There were a total of 3 sales in Sungate in 2021. I'm happy to talk shop with anybody who has questions or is thinking of selling. Let's set a new Sungate sales record together!

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2021 Sungate Villas Sales in Fountain Lakes of Estero, FL

21713 Bridgegate Ct Sold for $244,000 on 3/16/21

21701 Sungate Ct Sold for $240,000 on 5/13/21 (needed work)

21691 Sungate Ct Sold for $275,000 on 8/2/21

2021 Sungate Villas Stats

How Does This Compare to 2020 Sungate Sales?

In 2020 there were also three sales but the high sale was $227,000 versus $275,000 in 2021. 

21693 Sungate Ct sold for $224,000 on 1/22/20

21715 Sungate Ct sold for $227,000 on 4/21/20

21696 Sungate Ct sold for $222,000 on 6/10/20

Below Are Available Fountain Lakes Listings. This list dynamically updates everyday so it is always fresh. 

2 Properties
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