How Much Are the Sungate Villas in Fountain Lakes Selling For?

Hi neighbors! The purpose of this page is to keep an ongoing list of sales data in Sungate Villas. There is multiple years of sales data on this page. If you're looking for available Sungate Villas please visit our main Sungate Villa page. If you want to see sold Sungate listings from just the past 12 months visit our recently sold Sungate Villa page.

2023 Sungate Villa Sales

None as of 5/28/23

2022 Sungate Villa Sales

21712 Sungate Ct Sold for $343,000 on 3/1/22

21714 Bridgegate Ct Sold for $305,000 on 4/11/22

2021 Sungate Villas Sales in Fountain Lakes of Estero, FL

21713 Bridgegate Ct Sold for $244,000 on 3/16/21

21701 Sungate Ct Sold for $240,000 on 5/13/21 (needed work)

21691 Sungate Ct Sold for $275,000 on 8/2/21

2021 Sungate Villas Stats

How Does This Compare to 2020 Sungate Sales?

In 2020 there were also three sales but the high sale was $227,000 versus $275,000 in 2021. 

21693 Sungate Ct sold for $224,000 on 1/22/20

21715 Sungate Ct sold for $227,000 on 4/21/20

21696 Sungate Ct sold for $222,000 on 6/10/20

Below Are Available Fountain Lakes Listings. This list dynamically updates everyday so it is always fresh. 

11 Properties
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