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There are Thousands of Local Realtors, Why Choose Sean Lorch?


My goal is to make up for my fee and then some. Here's how:
•Aggressively marketing your home on the world's busiest real estate sites
•Using my skills as a certified  Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) to obtain the highest possible price for your home
•Managing any inspection issues
•Managing appraisal issues with specialized knowledge (the vast majority of real estate agents have never appraised and therefore don't have the skill set to overturn a bad appraisal)


•I hire a professional photographer as we need high-quality images to compel buyers to see your home. We want them excited before they even walk in the front door.
• High-quality print brochure
•The listing with HD photos must be syndicated to the world's busiest websites. 
•Follow up with all showing agents for feedback
•Reach out to agents who haven't shown the home but have done business in your neighborhood to see if they have buyers.
•Public Open Houses may or may not be necessary
•Agent Open Houses (aka caravan) may or may not be necessary. 


•I am a certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE), This comes in handy. 


We prefer cash buyers but sometimes a financed offer brings the highest price. If you decide to move forward with a financed offer, the next challenge after the home inspection is the appraisal. As a former appraiser of 9 years, I know exactly how to review and appeal a bad appraisal should we run into this common problem. This is something that you don't get with other long-time veteran agents as the vast majority of them have never been formally trained in valuation. Hard to believe right? Ask an agent what the top errors they see in appraisal reports and see what they say. Ask me the same question and you are going to get a much more specialized answer. That may be enough to overturn a bad appraisal. I recently had a listing in North Naples under-appraise by 40k and after reviewing the appraisal and submitting an appeal with the exact reasons the appraisal was incorrect the appraiser raised the appraisal by 34k! We were left with a 6K gap which was much easier to deal with than a 40K gap. We are talking about real money here. 

Communication is Key

I always answer or call back right away. I cringe when I hear about listing agents who are aloof after the listing agreement is signed. That must be a vulnerable feeling after you've signed with an agent and then struggle to get ahold of them. You'll never experience that with me. You can always get me at 239-298-6760. If I don't answer leave a message and I promise to call you back. 


Allow me to be one of the agents you interview before making your decision and I'll be sure to make it worth your while. Don't let my baby face fool you, I've been selling real estate since 2004.

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