Mortgage Pre-Approval for Naples Area Real Estate

Unless you are a cash buyer we highly recommend that before beginning your Naples area real estate search that you speak with a lender to get you pre-approved. Here is how it helps you:

A pre-approval letter substantiates your offer to the seller which helps make your offer more compelling. It's important for the seller to see that you are capable of closing the deal in order for us to get them to accept your offer. 

You may qualify for a property until you find out how much the homeowner's insurance really is. With a pre-approval, you will know exactly how much your total monthly payment ceiling is and from there we can calculate, principal and interest based on different sales price scenarios. From there we can add in property taxes, HOA and insurance costs to make sure we are under your maximum monthly payment. This way we know what properties to look at and what ones not to look at. 

Contact us to learn more and we will put you in touch with a veteran loan officer who can get you dialed in. If you have a relationship with a lender already that is ok too. We will create a tailored property search based on your numbers and your specific needs.

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